Please write an Antigone essay?

Sophocles was the writer of the Greek tragedy named antigone. My essay will be entirely based on the novel named antigone. Before presenting the story let give you a brief about this topic. In antigone freedom of religion was encouraged more than the kings, god’s as a result new good beliefs and ideals were made. These new beliefs and ideals were made in good intentions but they often resulted in conflict with one another so disobedience and complicated moral dilemmas were created. My essay on antigone/ antigone essay prompts will make you understand the certain values of life.

Write something about Antigone tragic hero essay    and Antigone pride essay

Now I will write about the Antigone tragic hero essay /Antigone pride essay/ antigone literary analysis essay/ antigone themes essay for you. antigone is an argumentative essay and antigone is literary analysis essay. Now, I will directly come to antigone essay introduction. It has been already discussed above that the novel antigone is a tragic novel that has highlighted the pain of the hero named creon to a great extent. Essay questions for antigone/ antigone essay questions why exactly it is called a tragic story? Sophocles in antigone essay/ antigone persuasive essay portrayed creon as tragic hero throughout the entire novel Antigone. Let me tell you Creon is the character that can be related by everyone. I will tell you the reason in the following part of my essay. Firstly, it has been strongly highlighted throughout the novel antigone that pride is regarded as the darkest and strongest quality of a man. The theme of pride becomes the main villain for the downfall of more than one character in antigone.  Secondly, creon  is  the character which contains a  long list of  flaws which resulted  in many problems  later in antigone. Furthermore, this novel antigone by Sophocles showcased the feminist representation. The woman in antigone is suppressed under the male dominated society in Greece.  She is the woman who strongly denied following the orders of the king. She acted according to her senses of wrong and right. Moreover, the writer Sophocles gave her laud applause and an example of a legend, rebel and an antigone. The writer Sophocles was a protagonist so it was highlighted entirely in his novel antigone. Creon as a king was significant. His fate in antigone is extremely unfortunate. It makes him both prosperous as well as renowned. The king’s character in the novel antigone is completely mysterious as his character cannot be judged on the basis of good or bad.  Somewhere down the line most of us are like the king as we are somewhere in between.  King’s hard decision-making capability made him fit the title of tragic hero. Although the writer Sophocles had written this novel long time ago still the king’s habits can be related with the people of this generation. Arguably, the king also exhibited a lot of stubbornness throughout antigone. One prominent example from the novel can be taken into account it is when antigone wished that her brother should be properly buried so that he can reach to the Gods in heaven.  Creon the king strongly opposed that by saying that he cannot allow that as antigone’s brother disobeyed the state in the war so he should rot in hell. One of the best life lessons is given in this essay about antigone that pride destroys everything. Furthermore, our website provides you with more essay topics for antigone.

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